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Race against the PROS from your home!

Many races have been cancelled because of the coronavirus, but the cycling season is not over!

You can still race with ROUVY in a digital racing series called Real Spring Classics. Update your calendar and do not miss the racing season.

Join the Real Spring Classics from your home, and race with the best professionals and your friends.  


Race with these professional athletes.

Tereza Sásková

2nd place at the Junior MTB World Championship 

Ondřej Cink

3rd place at the MBT World Championship

Kristián Hynek

2nd place at MTB Marathon World Championship

Barbora Havlíčková

7th place at the Junior XC skiing World Championship


Ready for racing? Join us!


17:00 (UTC)

27,3 km

513 m


Enjoy the route of KPŽ Šumavský MTB maraton, a race which is a part of the Kolo pro život series, the biggest public cycling series in Middle Europe.


Go through forests in the national park, and be careful in the downhills. Hilly tracks won’t allow you to take a rest until you reach the finish line. Don’t go too fast in the first part of the route - valuable seconds can be earned in the second half of the race! ​


17:00 (UTC) 

26,3 km

366 m


Have you ever been to Australia? The sun is very strong there, so watch your tan lines very carefully! The southwestern Cape Naturaliste lies in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, located close to the city of Perth.


Don’t underestimate the profile of this route - on the track, you will ascend 366m. So, get ready...and don’t forget to ride on the left side of the road in the Australia!


17:00 (UTC)

17,1 km

1401 m

MT. VENTOUX (from Bedoin)

This climbing is from your once-in-a-lifetime cycling "To Do" list. Cycling history was written on this iconic climbing.


Eddy Merckx, Marco Pantani and other legends won stages on this magical hill. Despite the iconic aura of this place, it is not part of the race very often. So, do not miss the opportunity to compare your result with the PROS, who will also take part in this race!


16:00 (UTC)

27,8 km

257 m


Italy is often called a mecca for cycling. You have probably seen the pictures with white dirt roads and high cypress trees among them. That is Tuscany, a part of Italy where this race takes place.

Get ready to explore the iconic cycling region, where most of the PRO racers train for their cycling season. 


16:00 (UTC)

22,4 km

443 m


French Riviera and its beautiful landscape - that is the location of the last race of the digital series.


A 22km long hill, with 443 m elevations, will lead you through cosy villages and offer you spectacular views as you climb higher. Moutain roads, set in the white rocks of Côte d'Azur, have attracted people for a very long time. Enjoy the ride in the land of the Tour de France.

Series ranking

Get to know the ranking of the Real Spring Classics HERE.


To ensure the best racing experience, follow the steps below.

Download ROUVY AR App to ensure the best AR experience during the race. 

Connect via Ethernet cable to ensure the best possible connection to the internet.

Download the ROUVY video of the race route to your device for better loading of the route.

Rules & Prizes

For a single race:

Every participant in the race gets a chance to win a prize, no matter the result. 


We will simply draw 3 winners at the end of the race.

Riders: The amount of riders of the race is limited to 300. Hurry up and register now!

Prizes: Prizes from our partners.


If you complete 3 or more races, you will be able to compete for the main prize. The winner will be the cyclist with the least amount of position points accumulated in any three races.


We have two categories - one each for men and women. ​


If there are riders with the same amount of position points, the following criteria will apply in this order:

1. Position in the last race #5

2. Higher amount of better positions

3. Higher amount of finished races


Men 1st place 270 EUR / 2nd place 180 EUR / 3rd 90 EUR 

Women 1st place 270 EUR / 2nd place 180 EUR / 3rd 90 EUR 

Everyone can join Real Spring Classics.

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